Space-Saving Wardrobe Hacks All Girls Should Know

Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Okay, who doesn’t wish that they had more space in their wardrobe? Too many clothes (yet somehow never enough) and a lack or organisation can make getting dressed a nightmare – but these crafty hacks might just change your life wardrobe…


Ring Pulls: the Unlikely Wardrobe Saviour

What if we told you that you could instantly double the amount of hanging space in your wardrobe with just one little metal tab? We know, you’d think we were crazy – but in fact, looping a ring pull over a sturdy hanger will then instantly double your hanging space.

Chain Reaction

Hanging an ‘S’ chain from your rail will give you loads more hanging space for tops, making full use of the whole height of your wardrobe. Ensure the rail is sturdy enough to take the weight, and then simply hang your tees or tops down the length of the chain.


Shower Curtain Hooks Multiply your hanger space

The ultimate solution for all those little vest tops or tees that don’t really warrant a full hanger to themselves, a load of plastic shower curtain hooks clipped over a sturdy hanger makes for an ideal remedy. Simply hook the straps or label of your tops (or even scarves or belts) through the curtain hooks and attach to the hanger.

Create under-bed shoe storage

A jumble of shoes at the bottom of your wardrobe is never inspirational – and majorly frustrating when you can’t find the pair! Instead, use the floor of your wardrobe for folded jeans/jumpers and store your shoes and heels in a low box or drawer under your bed.


Make Use of the inside of your Cupboard doors

Attaching wire baskets (if there’s room) or a couple of rails to the inside of your wardrobe doors will create extra space for all those little bits and bobs that don’t have a rightful place. Clutch bags, scarves and hats can be kept out of the way, but easily accessible.