How to take a really good selfie

Tuesday, November 6, 2018

Did you even go out with the girls if you didn’t take pics? Whether you’re a ‘one take only’ kinda girl or a babe who likes a Burst, here’s some snackable selfie tips as learned from the pros *flick flick*

Be prepared

Kylie jenner selfie tips

Instagram: @kyliejenner

Make sure you’ve got a photo-ready primer on for that skin smoothing element to Insta-proof your pic. Nothing’s worse than looking back through your options and discovering you’re an oil slick. Blotting papers, anyone?

Find your light

gigi hadid selfie tips

Instagram: @gigihadid

Hold the camera and walk around until you find the best lighting. Pro tip: Apparently, golden hour is THE best time to shoot your selfie, it gives that glowing ‘lit from within’ look. Who needs bronzer when you’ve got the sun?

Know your angles

Maya jama selfie tips

Instagram: @mayajama

Selfie queen Maya Jama knows her angles, so find out yours too! Just in front of the mirror, tilt your head left and right. Then when you find that sweet spot, point your chin down for larger eyes, and smize (smiling with your eyes, guys 😏)

Look up

nina nesbitt selfie tips

Instagram: ninanesbitt

Angle your phone from above to make your features look smaller whilst keeping your neck elegantly long and eyes bright and widely shaped. See Nina Nesbitt.

Relax and smile

Dani Dyer selfie tips

Instagram: @danidyerxx

One of our key great selfie tips? Smile! Assuming you’re having fun, of course.

Get out here and live your best selfie life, girl. Now, let’s head to our getting ready playlist shall we?