Reasons why you NEED to see The Spice Girls exhibition

Tuesday, July 31, 2018

Five girls. One group. Immeasurable girl power. We could only be talking about The Spice Girls! If you, like us, spent your younger years re-watching Spice World, wishing you could walk through their breathtaking tour wardrobes and maybe even put on lunchtime playground performances lip-syncing for your life (hands up, you’re the truth), get yourself to SpiceUp London. As the ‘biggest touring exhibition of Spice Girls memorabilia in the world with hundreds of iconic pieces’ gathered by a team of dedicated fans and collectors, so it’s truly a walk to remember down pop history lane. Here’s why you’ve gotta get your band mates together and head down ASAP ✨

The Spice Girls: From music videos to memorabilia


The Spice Girls Business Design Centre SpiceUp London Manchester Posh Spice Miss Selfridge

Shout out Miss Selfridge πŸ™Œ

If you’ve ever mentally bookmarked an outfit from one of The Spice Girls epic music videos, kept a stray Chupa Chup with Emma Bunton’s face on it or can’t bear to use your vintage pink and purple Polaroid camera in case it combusts, you’ll be in nostalgia heaven at this exhibit. Also, pretty much all the costumes from Spice Up Your Life, Wannabe, Goodbye and more are right here – we couldn’t believe our eyes. The Penny Lane coat from Stop as worn by Mel B. The forest green fur bolero from Two Become One. Geri’s blue bodycon maxi. *fangirls*

The trends are here



Honestly, it’s like walking into Miss Selfridge πŸ˜‰ Our rainbow trews would NOT be out of place. See Victoria Beckham’s cute little A-line mini, with the silver P buckle? Can’t even.Β  There’s bold logo tees, prints galore and sky-high heels – it took everything within our willpower not to sneak under the red rope and squeeze into those leopard flares. Who knew they would predict every single trend over twenty years into the future?

Shoe lovers unite

Spice Girls SpiceUp London Mel B Scary Spice Platform Boots Buffalo trainers

Let’s talk about the shoe game. Now, some of us at Miss S HQ are low-key shoe fanatics, so this exhibit was beyond heavenly. Scary and Baby had the most gasp-inducing Buffalo trainers (fun fact, Mel B didn’t like the way hers looked so she coloured the B with a felt-tip), and Geri’s glitter-encrusted platforms? Again, couldn’t shake the idea of sneaking under the Forbidden Red Rope just to slip into them.

Just when you thought it was all over…

The Spice Girls Business Design Centre SpiceUp London Manchester Sporty Spice


So we’ve finished one room filled with records, music video looks, Nineties memorabilia (including an entire bedroom setup!), and we thought it was all over. Nope. There’s the Girl Power! Live Istanbul concert wardrobe. We’re talking gold lamΓ©, crystal-on-crystal-on-crystal, Geri’s custom bathrobe and enough sassitude (yep, we just made that up) to fill another hundred exhibits. Our fave look is impossible to choose but we definitely lingered in front of Geri’s red and silver Girl Power get-up for a while ✌️


To top it off, there’s also a screening of Spice World, Viva Forever costumes and a Solo Spice section of all The Spice Girls endeavours. Basically, it’s girl power heaven and we loved every second. SpiceUp London finishes August 20th 2018 so make you sure you get your tickets fast here. It also heads to Manchester from the 24th of August to 4th of SeptemberΒ  so Manc fans, get ready to spice up your life πŸ’—