Miss Boss: MDMflow

Sunday, May 13, 2018

When you open up your make-up bag, what do you see? Does it excite you? Make you wanna fire up a tutorial? If not, you’re gonna need some MDMflow. Crafted with signature gold cases inspired by ’90s hip hop and a spectrum of shades from candy pink to azure blue, emerald green and neon orange, owning lipstick from MDMflow is basically the equivalent of a ‘1st place in beauty’ ribbon. Florence Adepoju (aka Flow) is more than just a make-up maven. She’s a bona fide cosmetic scientist – imagine that on your LinkedIn. We could not WAIT to interview her about the creative industry, new projects in the lab, what’s on her work playlist and everything in between 💋

MDMflow Florence Adepoju lipstick cosmetic science hip hop 90s make-up Miss Boss Miss Selfridge interview

Instagram: mdmflow


Tell us about your career/studying journey so far – we’re dying to know how you got started!

💄 I started working in the beauty industry at the age of 17, working on various luxury make up counters, I loved working in the industry and decided to combine my passion for chemistry with a career in beauty and applied and got accepted to study cosmetic science. I set up MDMflow July 2013 after graduating from a degree in Cosmetic Science from the London College of Fashion. I didn’t feel the pigment technology in luxury brands met the needs of darker skin tones. I also wanted there to be a brand that allowed me to express myself through bright and bold shades.

Do you have a typical day?

💄 I don’t have a typical day as running a business you play so many different roles that tend to change day to day. I’m up early most days and if I don’t have any meetings or a shoot planned I head down to my office and work there for the day from 9.30 – 6pm. I tend to work 6-7 days a week as my business is at a critical growth stage and I have a lot to do day to day to support growth.

MDMflow Florence Adepoju lipstick cosmetic science hip hop 90s make-up Miss Boss Miss Selfridge interview

Instagram: mdmflow

Any advice for anyone wishing to start their own cosmetics empire?

💄 Create a vision board and work on refining every single detail about your brand, from the packaging to the ingredients used. It’s important to create something useful and authentic.

Vision boards are the truth, can’t say this enough. Who would you love to see wearing MDMflow, and what shade would you pair them with?

💄 IAMDDB is a British artist I’m super excited about, I would love to see her in our rustic brown shade 94′.

From the packaging to the shade range, MDMflow love to make a statement. Which shade would you recommend for someone who’s never tried a bolder look?

💄 Our red Supreme – It’s a bright bold classic red that looks great on everyone.

We do love a red lip…but do you feel there’s been much change in the cosmetic industry since you started?

💄 There has been so much change, beauty online has completely transformed the industry. It’s gone from a industry with very little change to a lot of exciting activity and opportunities.

What’s the best career decision you’ve ever made?

💄 To work in beauty and fashion retail during my entire time in college and university. I think working all those hours helped me get an eye for creating products that people love. Even though some days it was very boring.

MDMflow Florence Adepoju lipstick cosmetic science hip hop 90s make-up Miss Boss Miss Selfridge interview

Instagram: mdmflow

Which make-up trends are you all over right now?

💄 My friend Bea Sweet did Kali Uchi’s album cover makeup and she has a really bright and bold red glossy eye. I love eye gloss, and bright and bold shades. I’m also excited for more bold glossy looks this summer.

Gloss, gloss and more gloss – got it. You’re into old school hip hop – got it. But what else is on your playlist to get you in the working mood?

💄 Currently my work tracks are

JHUS – Sweet Cheeks

NERD ft Rihanna – Lemon

Drake – Nice for What

IAMDDB – Shade

Bruno Mars ft Cardi B – Finesse

SZA – Weekend

MDMflow Florence Adepoju lipstick cosmetic science hip hop 90s make-up Miss Boss Miss Selfridge interview green lipstick

Instagram: mdmflow

So we know you love hip hop – if you could sum up your brand with one album, what would it be?

💄 Cardi – B’s album Invasion of Privacy. She’s refreshing and bold.

YES! Definitely on repeat. Can you tell us what you’re working on right now?

💄 Currently I am developing my latest product the MDMflow flawless base foundation. It is a serum based formula with sheer consistency that works on all skin types. It contains key active ingredients such as hyaluronic acid for hydration and key antioxidants such as Vitamin C. Currently I’ve selected 16 shades but all in all there will be 20 or more shades based on customer feedback. I want the process of finishing this product to be completely open and interactive so I am letting my customers be involved in the complete product development process.

💋We can’t wait to introduce those foundations to our make-up bags! If you fancy giving your make-up collection a serious upgrade, sweeping some Supreme red across your kissers, or giving your lashes the Flow treatment, shop MDMflow here 👊 💋. Looking for more career inspiration with our Miss Boss interviews? We spoke to embroidery artist Sophie King here.