How to look fly when you fly

Friday, June 8, 2018

Although the days of dressing-to-the-nines for flying are well and truly gone (Pan-Am blue forever 🛩), picking your outfit to take-off in is no easy feat. We’ve got new rules for airport dressing, and here’s what you need to look cute at 30,000 feet ☀️

Soft up top
Keep it chilled for the top half of your outfit, but still a little fancy if you don’t wanna slob out completely (no judgements here!). Throw on a lightweight cotton tee or an ironless blouse if you’re fancy 😏

Just say no to jeans
As above, so below. Whether you’ve splashed out on priority boarding and get to sail through security (ballin’) or you’re stuck at the boarding gate due to unforeseen circumstance, stiff jeans and leggings just won’t cut it. Go for easy, breezy joggers with a cute print.


One piece wonders
Playsuits and jumpsuits are an instant outfit, what’s not to love? Cut from casual jersey for the cosy factor, you’ll still be holiday-ready when you step off the plane. Try Club Tropicana-style patterns and colours to hype up your holiday fever.


Slip on/slip off shoes

These will be a lifesaver when it comes to security, running for your gate, or long-haul flights. Going casj? Try sneakers. Wanna hit the beach as soon as the seatbelt sign is off? Pool sliders, babe.

Layer up, love

We’ve all been there – when the plane is either Arendelle (which is a real place in Norway, BTW) or hot as Hell (again, in Norway). Make sure you layer up with a light jacket so you can shrug it on and off when necessary.

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