Halloween: The Miss S Way

Thursday, September 20, 2018

There’s two types of people when it comes to Halloween. Type A = Starts planning their costume forty-something days in advance, and Type B = Starts planning their costume forty-something minutes in advance. Which one are you? Seeing as you’re reading this mini-guide to hacking Halloween, we’re gonna go with the latter 😏

So, for those of us that only ‘plan’ on a quick change in the office loo or being a sexy cat, here’s six killer Halloween outfits and accessories for October 31st. Whether you’re headed to a house party or you wanna go cute/scary, we guarantee zero effort will be spared.

The ’80s Qween

Introducing, the resurgence of cycle shorts. A trend horror story to some and an alternative for joggers to others, turn this athleisure-inspired get-up into a retro costume to get down in. Throw on some statement earrings for extra Eighties points.

The (cutest ever) devil

Every Halloween there’s a devil and an angel, so make like Liz Hurley in Bedazzled (Noughties’ Brendon Fraser, anyone?) and get into the red. Bonus content – you’ll definitely recycle this rouge number for date night, Xmas, brunch…

The cat #1

A popular choice for this spook-tacular occasion, everyone’s gonna go as a ‘sexy cat’. So, we’ve decided to mix things up a little. Are you a bank robber? Are you a cat? Are you Beetlejuice? You’re fabulous, Hun. Purrrr.

The cat #2

Halloween outfit ideas

Me. Ow. You’ll sooo wanna wear this look again and again, just without the ears – it’s not socially acceptable. Slip into a slinky velvet cami dress (complete with panther-like cattitude), purr-fect for getting up to no good in on October 31st and beyond. Stick on some ears and BAM – you’re done.

The disco honey

Halloween outfits

Throw on some stripes and call yourself a disco babe from Studio 54. Boogie responsibly. Need more inspo on how to wear rainbow trews? Here’s some free advice.

The colour black

Have you tried watching a horror film in the dark? Thought not. Douse yourself in this spooky hue from head-to-toe, whilst still looking like you’re ready to sashay across the dancefloor 🕷

An attendee at your ex’s funeral

Need we say more?

“Look, I actually tried this Halloween”

Hun, just throw on a ghoulish tee and Scary Spice-approved leggings and get haunting.

🕸 We hope you enjoyed our spooky inspo. For more, stop by our Halloween shop. 🕸