Hair How To: The Half Fishtail Braid

Monday, May 23, 2016

When it comes to Summer hair styling, nothing is hotter than a braid right now – but a twist on the classic is to create a ‘half fishtail’.  Simply put, it’s the coolest ‘do we’ve spotted in a looong time.

Spotted in one of our latest digital shoots, we asked Amy Heath at luxe London salon FOUR, how to recreate the look:

Not familiar with a fishtail plait? Unlike a regular braid, which uses three sections, you need just two sections to create the fishtail which you cross over each other moving from root to bottom, keeping the plait quite taut (tighten as you plait).  Secure the plait and then stretch by pulling gently outwards and rubbing the plait with the palm of your hand to give a slightly dishevelled look.


Hair How To: Five steps to the perfect Half Fishtail:

1. On clean dry hair add some soft waves using straighteners, twisting the straightness side to side whilst moving down the hair.

2. Run fingers through waves to loosen and to make look more undone and natural, add some texture spray, such as Unite Texturiza, to define the movement.

3.  Take two large sections from the front and sides of your hair line, leaving all hair from the crown and from behind ears loose. Pull back and fishtail together half way down the length of the sections.

4.  Secure plait with a clear elastic band, stretch the plait out by gently pulling at sides add some texture spray

5.  To finish the look you could take a small section of hair from the bottom of the plait and cover the band, securing the loose end inside the plait with a fine kirby similar colour to your hair. Or secure a metallic dread cuff around the band.