How to take dry Jan into Feb

Monday, February 4, 2019

Congrats, you made it to the end of the longest month ever! If you too took an oath after Christmas to avoid all alcohol (commonly known as Dry Jan), you might be wondering ‘what’s next?’ For those of us that wanna keep that energised feeling, extra money in our accounts and hangover-less weekends, see our learnings below from our social + editorial gal Nicole.

Get an app.Β 


Apps can make it a lot easier to keep track of your progress after going the whole 480 days of Dry Jan. Try this reallyyyy good app from Alcohol Change, or this one.


Try something new!

Pick up a hobby! Knitting, running (get a good playlist going), a new language – anything that requires your concentration.


Use the money you saved for a treat.

Paying Β£12 for a cocktail adds up each time, so why not spend a bit of it on pampering, or even transfer it straight into your savings if you’re good 😏


Get a mate to join you.
Soo much easier to practise not drinking when you know someone’s doing it with you.


Practise mindful drinking.

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A ‘mindful drinking’ movement set up by friends Laura and Jussi, Club Soda is all aboutΒ changing the way you think and feel about drinking. Club Soda also send really supportive newsletters, events and courses – we’re justΒ soΒ into it now. Namaste.

Dry Jan = well and truly conquered. Why not get to know our fave rom-coms in time for Feb? ❀️