Detox your wardrobe and support the British Heart Foundation

Tuesday, October 22, 2019

Loads of clothes and nothing to wear? We know the feeling. If your wardrobe’s full of clothes, shoes and accessories you’re no longer loving it’s time for a clear-out. We’ve teamed up with the charity British Heart Foundation to help cleanse your wardrobe and do good at the same time.

Look out for special tags in your stylish Miss Selfridge orders to attach to bags of good quality clothing you no longer want. British Heart Foundation has more than 700 stores nationwide for these donations to dropped off at (click here to find your closest) or they can come to you and collect your unwanted goodies. Winner!

With that said, there’s no time like the present to detox your wardrobe and make room for the pieces you love. Here’s our five-step guide on clearing out your closet…


This is where the fun really starts. It’s time to empty your wardrobe, drawers and cupboards to create a blank canvas to work with. Think Cher Horowitz when she’s getting ready for school. Begin by going through every item individually and create initial piles of ‘keep’, ‘ditch’, and ‘undecided’.


We don’t mean to sound dramatic, but you need to look in the mirror and ask yourself some hard questions. When going through the piles of clothes, ask the following: Does it fit properly? Does it suit you and your current style? Have you worn it in the last 6 months? (Seasonal pieces like coats and bikinis don’t apply here.) Is it in a wearable condition? Honesty is the best policy when detoxing your wardrobe…


Make like Carrie Bradshaw when she moves in with Mr Big and get the girls or your family round to provide some advice and home truths about your closet clear-out. You can always rely on your nearest and dearest to tell you how things are looking – they might even have their eye on your unwanted items.


There’s no point detoxing your wardrobe if you still have nothing to wear. Take your key pieces and plan 3 outfits around each one so you know there’s longevity in the items that made the cut. Creating a capsule of your fave clothes and outfits means getting dressed in the morning will be so much easier. We’re all for anything that gives us an extra 5 minutes in bed too…


You’ll often rediscover old gems and items you had long forgotten about when having a clear-out, which is basically like free shopping (yay!). Shopping your wardrobe also helps renew your style and work out which items you’re missing. Everything you’ve decided to say goodbye to can now be bagged up and tagged with your British Heart Foundation tag and donated to help make a difference!


Your donations will be sold in British Heart Foundation shops across the UK to raise money to fund pioneering research into heart and circulatory diseases. These conditions cause more than 1 in 4 deaths in the UK and cause heartbreak on every street. To beat the heartbreak these conditions cause, the British Heart Foundation funds cutting-edge research to prevent, treat and cure all heart and circulatory diseases, including heart attacks, strokes and vascular dementia, and their risk factors like high blood pressure and diabetes. Not only will cleaning out your closet provide a new home for your unwanted items and save clothing from landfill, you’ll be helping to keep millions of hearts beating and millions of families together.


For more information on the British Heart Foundation, click here.