Can we just talk about statement trousers?

Tuesday, November 21, 2017

It’s defo winter. And even though it’s ❄️ you wanna look 🔥 – we get it. But don’t stress, we’ve got a sassy solution for you that won’t have you freezing ‘n sneezing…

Enter statement trousers 🙌 These bad boys have become a bit of a go-to for us since the sun has slipped off. Whether they’re checked, flame red, glittery or feature flamenco frills, we plan to lean hard on them until we can go bare-legged once again.

Apart from being all about colour and prints that make us Y-A-Y, this trend works best with a cosy knit. So grab yourself a ribbed high neck girl, and you’re good to strut all the way to spring.

Window pane check? ✔️ Frilled hem? ✔️ Let us count the ways we love you, Checked Frill Hem Trousers 😍

Did someone say F-L-A-M-E-N-C-O-? Yep. It was us. ‘Cos all this cold got us wanting something H-O-T. How much do you ❤️ the Red Angled Ruffle Trouser?

We’ll take these Petite Striped Paper Bag Trousers alllll day long. For those stuffy office climes’, a bold slogan tee is perfection.

Feast your 👀 on that luscious, juicy red. When the sky is giving you nothing but greige, these Red Super High Waist Trousers are the one. Rain, we LOL in the face of you.

When you’re feeling v v v chic, reach for these Camel Lace Up Wide Leg Trousers. Add a high neck jersey and the chic will prevail, even if it’s a trainer day.

So by now, you might be sensing how crucial a paper bag waist is this season 😏 We couldn’t love these Checked Paper Bag Trousers more if we tried. Just keep your neckline high and your heels midi.

We hope you enjoyed this statement trouser love-in. Peruse all of our trousers here.