Your Fashion Week go-to: The boiler suit

Tuesday, February 12, 2019

Did you know that the boiler suit was namedΒ because they were first worn by men maintaining coal-fired boilers (thanks Wikipedia). Yeah, us neither. Fast forward to 2019 and it’s become the mainstay of every street style star’s wardrobe. Our super cute one-pieces have just dropped for spring (hold tight utility trend) and we could v v easily count the ways in which we love thee, just in time for Fashion Week no less.

Anyone can wear them. Seriously.


NGL, this peachy-coloured number gained one or two Oooooh’s from everyone at our Spring shoot. A petite and sugary-sweet version, we’ve made this one so the smaller of stature don’t have to drown in material. Not into this saccharine shade? It’s also avail here in blue. You’re welcome.


They’re sooo versatile.


Perfect to nail in-between season style, just jump into a boiler suit with a layered polo neck on those mornings when you have no idea what to wear. When the temps start rising, throw it on with sandals and a straw bag. Easy.


Instant fashion points.


A denim boiler suit will never go out of style – mark our words. Go for classic Americana blue with printed accessories (our double circle belt works wonders), and your instant outfit for Fashion Week is complete.

So in summary, if you’re stuck in a style rut – boiler suit. Feeling bloated? Boiler suit. Need to look like your life’s sorted out? Boiler suit 😏 Wanna know what else we’re obsessed with at Miss S HQ? Click this free link.