The five best rom coms on Netflix for Valentine’s Day

Thursday, January 31, 2019

Valentines plans? Whether you’ve got a hot date planned with your boyfriend/girlfriend/BFF/cat or you’re planning to boycott it all together (tempting right) we thought we’d get into the spirit a little with our rundown of THE best rom coms currently available on Netflix. Watch them on Valentines or Galentines (the day after!), just get the popcorn and Prosecco ready.

13 Going On 30


This nostalgic flick might just have you reaching for the Kleenex quicker than you think. So Jenna Rink makes a wish at her 13th birthday party that she could be 30. The premise sounds a little huh-inducing, but we swear, you’ll be picking up the phone and calling your primary school sweetheart quicker than you can say ‘Razzle Red’. 🍭

Crazy Stupid Love


Ryan Gosling. Need we say more? K but seriously, those abs are certainly not photoshopped and yes we did rewind this scene a million times. Starring the lovely Emma Stone (she’s been our BFF in our minds since Superbad), Steve Carell and Julianne Moore, this flick is far from cliche. Filled with one-liners and thought-provoking monologues, the guy does (sorta) get the girl, but it’s also about all the best and worst parts of love and everything in between. And RG’s abs.

This is 40


Do you ever try to picture what your life might be like at 40? It’s possible this hilarious film could be a preview (if you move to LA, have two kids and marry Paul Rudd 😏) Seriously though, the combo of Leslie Mann and Paul Rudd – who play the same happily/unhappily married couple they played in Knocked Up (2007) – will have you ROFL, as they battle with the anxiety of being middle aged and shout inappropriate things at school kids. Despite everything, it all ends cutely and the LOLs are sure to slay any bad V day vibes.



Fancy something a little bit indie? Set in the ’80s? Made by Superbad director Greg Mottola and a dose of Kristen Stewart cool girl awks? Girl, Adventureland is the one. James, a geeky graduate gets a summer job in Adventureland, the dodgiest theme park going. Despite his doubts and awful pay cheque, James’ world opens up when he makes friends with all the weird and wonderful staff. He also crushes hard on Kristen and it’s cute. Full of hazy, summer feels and offbeat LOLs, Adventureland is one of our top choices for best rom coms.

When Harry met Sally


If you haven’t seen this iconic rom com, cancel everything, grab your duvet, switch your phone to aeroplane mode and watch it right now. Sally (played by Meg Ryan) first meets Harry (Billy Crystal) when they graduate from University and share a long drive to New York. From that point on their paths cross at pivotal moments until they put their differences aside and become friends. Following painful break-ups, their friendship intensifies and then things turn sexy and complicated. It’s sweet, funny and neurotic and the on-off nature of their relationship feels super relevant in our Tinder-tastic age. A heartwarming, timeless classic best enjoyed on a lazy Sunday 🍕🍕🍕

This duvet day was brought to you by Miss S and all the best rom coms ever 😉 Heading out for V day? Shop our date night edit right here.