Back to school style for grown-ups

Thursday, August 23, 2018

Back to school doesn’t have to be literal. The end of summer signifies a new season; it’s time to get out of summer holiday mode ‘cos we’re going ‘back to life, back to reality’. Say buh-bye to summer Tango Ice Blasts and cut-offs, and ‘what’s up’ to berets and lattes. Whether you’re heading back to Halls or just need an autumn refresh, here’s a few Picture Day perfect pieces πŸŽ“

The need-now knit

Jumper season is NEVER very far away for those of us living in the city, so wrap up with this must-have knit. A unanimous back to school favourite at Miss S HQ, what’s not to love? From the deep V and preppy cricket detailing to the medium-light gauge and classic ribbed feel. Just add hoops and a throwback headband Marissa Cooper would be proud of.

A* accessories

Open up your textbooks and turn to page 98, ‘cos les bΓ©rets sont magnifiques. We definitely used all of our secondary school language skills right there, but what can we say – berets bring out theΒ jolieΒ in us every time autumn rolls around. Sign off your ‘back to school’ look with this forever-stylish accessory – it’s a must-have for Frenching.

Too-cool trews

Suitable for those days when you need to look like your life’s together. New season, new you, which means starting as you mean to go on. No more wearing pyjamas to lectures (we see you) or jumping into the same ‘ol jeans so you don’t miss your train. Let’s make an effort for Mondays with flowy silhouettes, matchy-matchy belts and cropped cuts. Easy, huh?

Back to school ‘show off’ dress

Now this is key for when you’ve been away most of the summer (did anyone NOT go to Ibiza?) or wanna show off your tan/new hair-do/life outlook upon returning to the office. Change up those summer florals for a darker, autumnal feel whilst still nodding to the trend we all fell in love with – major button detailing. Offset dark blooms with fresh white mules for an Editor-approved look.

Get shirty

A crisp white shirt will never not be an essential, whatever the season may be. Tuck yours into a pair of wide leg jeans for ’70s-inspired vibes, or plain cigarette trousers to really dial up the posh factor. Basics don’t have to be basic, girl.

Boots to strut the street in

back to school autumn style block heel boots

Red Buckled Boots (coming soon)

Throw those espadrilles and slippers to the back of your wardrobe ‘cos we’re heading to boot camp – sharpish. Remember when your mum took you uniform shopping for the new term, and went on and on about the benefits of a ‘good shoe’? Well, fast forward to being an independent woman with this key tick list of trends. A bold hue + block heels = βœ”οΈβœ”οΈβœ”οΈ

✏️ So, now we’ve covered all the new term essentials you’ll need for September, it’s time to get back at it in style, girl.