A Lesson In Layering

Thursday, January 9, 2020

Yep, it’s still cold outside, but that doesn’t mean the weather has to kill your vibe. What we recommend right now is a lesson in layering to perfect your outfits while keeping warm. Here are our definitive rules to layering like a pro.

Basics aren’t boring

Think a white t-shirt or a roll neck is boring? Think again. Invest in the basics and the outfits will keep coming. Layer up your t-shirts underneath open shirts (we recommend the plaid variety), roll necks under jumpers and dresses, and hoodies under blazers. For extra style points, layer printed tees over plain roll necks, or double up your jackets with a cute cropped mini under a long chic coat.

Head to tonal

Colour is everything. Keeping your colour palette co-ordinated makes any outfit look super luxe and fresh, so invest in neutral coloured basics so you can layer up neutral shades in one outfit. Think beige jumpers with camel trousers or blue hues with denim.

All the feels

Texture clashing and layering go hand in hand. Experiment with teaming fluffy knits and jersey pieces with faux leather. Denim is the perfect clean slate to layer up some textures, whether it be chunky jumpers, silky satin or velvet.

Three is the magic number

Always keep your layers to a maximum of 3. (Nobody wants to look like Joey in Friends when he wears ALL of Chandler’s clothes – no matter how cold it is.) Begin with a base layer e.g. a roll neck, then add the secondary, like a jumpsuit or knit, finishing with the third usually a coat or jacket.

Experimenting is encouraged

Aside from keeping your core temperature regulated and looking cute (of course), layering is a great way to experiment with new styles. Give your summer wardrobe a new lease of life by pairing long sleeves underneath camis, layer up your crop tops over long line t-shirts or pair knits over dresses and under blazers for a Fashion-Week vibe. Keep adding or taking away until you’ve created your perfect ensemble – or until you’re warm enough!

The finishing touches

Layering doesn’t just stop at your clothes. Whatever the weather, you can always complete your outfit with some layered jewellery. Multiple dainty gold necklaces can elevate a basic look or add the finishing touch to an ensemble. Stacking rings and bracelets or bangles also adds a chic addition, especially in the summer months or when your outfit doesn’t require layering up to beat the chill.