7 tell tale signs you need to hit unfollow

Thursday, March 14, 2019

If we’re gonna be honest, sometimes social media doesn’t do our mental health any favours. Instagram went down for like 84 years yesterday, and it made us think: Our daily scroll can actually be really tough, but how do you decide when to click unfollow? Exhibit A: When you post a story of yourself and your girls looking really cute on a night out mouthing the lyrics to Thank U, Next, who’s name are you looking for in the ‘viewers’ column? Think about it.

So, when should I unfollow someone on Instagram, we hear you ask. Here’s some tell tale signs:

1. Inferiority complex


When you see a post from a certain account, how does it make it feel the moment you see it? Nicole our editorial and social girl had to unfollow EmRata, not necessarily for negative reasons but because ‘she’s literally so perfect, and seeing her AMAZING pics just made me feel like crap on a Sunday morning scroll’. So, if it doesn’t spark joy, unfollow.

2. Hey, I met you at [insert event]


If you’ve only ever met once, went to secondary school but barely had a conversation or just feel the need to stay connected out of politeness…buh-bye. It’s an app, they’ll be fine.

3. Case of the ex


Connected to your ex? LEAVE NOW. You do not need to know what they’re doing, who they’re dating or anything else beyond their ASL, TBH.

4. I used to love you


When you’ve outgrown someone you used to admire. Bex Boffey our Marketing Queen says she unfollowed a former fave blogger because “she’s just stopped being inspirational and gotten way too big for her boots.”

5. Serious post fatigue

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Let’s talk about catfish

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Head of Digital Chris says “I originally followed Dan Bilzerian because…well, if you know, you know. But I just got so bored of the same exact same thing over and over – women, money and cars.” Basically, if you find yourself glazing over their posts, why are they in your feed hun?

6. The life catfish


Insta is basically like a highlight reel, but when you actually know the person is just doing it for the gram, you gotta go. Our 404 Preventer, Grace, says she unfollowed an ex colleague; ‘I just couldn’t deal with their lies! They kept posting how well they were doing when we all knew it’s a show’.

7. The inactive crush

You know that feeling when you really, really, really fancy someone you kinda know from a friend of a friend? Maybe you’re actually in a relationship now, but you still wanna see how they’re doing. They’ve. Gotta. Go. It’s a dark path, don’t do it.


Now you know when to hit the unfollow/mute/block on Instagram, it’s time to get brave and declutter that feed 📲