4 Zero Effort Halloween looks

Tuesday, October 17, 2017

How much do you love Halloween looks? From the whole trick or treat thang, down to the cute orange pumpkin emoji, we  L-O-V-E it all. We’re guessing you have at least one #OUTOUT night planned to celebrate all things spooky. We’re also thinking it’s quite likely you might not have had chance to even consider outfit options yet (life, right?)

Skip that whole turning your wardrobe upside-down thing and read on for four zero effort Halloween looks that are literally killer.

The sexy cat

Halloween looks Miss Selfridge

Oh hey sassy all-in-one costume that we’d happily wear again and again, long after the pumpkins have been binned. Our Black Velvet Wrap Jumpsuit provides a slick cat-like silhouette that will have you slinking your way across the dance floor in full character, obvs. Add a cool girl edge with silver boots a cute septum piercing. Painted on whiskers preferable, cat ears essential. These bad boys are only available in store, for a super sweet £7.50 👇

Halloween looks Miss Selfridge ideas


The sinner

Halloween looks Miss Selfridge ideas

Maybe you have 20 mins to get ready, or maybe you’re going from the office bathroom straight to the party. Either way, our Sinner Tee and Black Swan-esque face jewels (available in store now for a super sweet £7.50) are a smoking hot combo for when you have limited getting ready time. Just don’t forget the wink 😉

The saint

Halloween looks Miss Selfridge ideas

K so v similar vibe here. But for your angelic, silver, sparkly self. Exclusively for our baby angels, the Saint Tee is a sweet option for standing out in a sea of black too. How much do you love the Glitter skirt? We’re crushing.

The she-devil

Halloween looks Miss Selfridge ideas red dress devil

From saint to 100% sinner, here’s our take on your classic devil costume. Our Red Velvet Playsuit is a v cute way to channel one of Halloween’s most major characters – and you’re bound to recycle it for Xmas too. Just add our Red Cat Ears (only available in store BTW) and a little septum piercing for added effect.

We hope you enjoyed this dose of spooky inspo. For more, stop by our Halloween shop.