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Student Lock In Student Lock In
Derby                     20th SEPTEMBER  7pm-10pm
Stirling Debenhams 21st SEPTEMBER  6pm -8pm
Poole Beales 26th SEPTEMBER   6pm-8pm
Carmarthen  27th SEPTEMBER  6pm-9pm
Aberdeen St Nicolas  27th SEPTEMBER   6.30pm-9pm
Liverpool                         28th SEPTEMBER  5pm - 9pm 
Gateshead Metrocentre              28th SEPTEMBER  5pm - 9pm 
Newport Debenhams           28th SEPTEMBER   5pm-9pm
Meadowhall       29th SEPTEMBER  5pm-9pm
Huddersfield House of Fraser 29th SEPTEMBER  6pm - 8.30pm
Belfast Castlecourt                   29th SEPTEMBER  5pm-9pm
Manchester Trafford Centre            4th OCTOBER 6pm - 10pm 
Bristol Cabot Circus                 4th OCTOBER 6pm - 9pm 
Cardiff Debenhams                   4th OCTOBER 8pm - 11pm
Hanley           4th OCTOBER 5pm - 9pm 
Hull St Stephens 4th OCTOBER 6pm-9pm
Newcastle Eldon Square 4th OCTOBER 4pm - 9pm
Chelmsford 4th OCTOBER 6pm - 9pm 
Lakeside                        5th OCTOBER 5pm - 9pm 
Brighton                        5th OCTOBER 6pm - 10pm
Bournemouth  5th OCTOBER  
Bluewater                   6th OCTOBER 5pm - 9pm
Swansea                   6th OCTOBER 7pm-9pm
York Coppergate   6th OCTOBER  5.30pm - 8pm
Norwich House of Fraser 6th OCTOBER 5pm - 9pm
Leicester  11th OCTOBER 8.30pm - midnight
Portsmouth  13th OCTOBER  6pm-8pm
Birmingham Bullring  13th OCTOBER 5pm - 10pm
Exeter  4th OCTOBER 6.30pm - 9.30pm
Stevenage 22nd SEPTEMBER   5pm-9pm
Coventry  5th OCTOBER 6pm - 10pm
Preston  27h SEPTEMBER  6pm -9pm
Dundrum House of Fraser 5th OCTOBER  
Worcester House of Fraser 29th SEPTEMBER  6pm - 8pm
Manchester Trafford Centre Selfridges       4th OCTOBER 6pm - 10pm
Meadowhall Debenhams 29th SEPTEMBER  6pm - 10pm 
Meadowhall House of Fraser 29th SEPTEMBER   6pm - 10pm
Derby Debenhams 20th SEPTEMBER  7pm-10pm
Reading Oracle  4th OCTOBER 5.30pm - 9.30pm
Kingston Bentalls  4th OCTOBER 6.30pm - 9pm 
Gateshead Metro House of Fraser  28th SEPTEMBER   5pm-9pm
Bury Debenhams  29th SEPTEMBER  3pm - 7pm
Gateshead Metro Debenhams 28th SEPTEMBER  5pm-9pm 
Uxbridge Debenhams 27th SEPTEMBER  6pm-10pm
Westfield Stratford 7th OCTOBER 10am-9pm