Red Hair & Afro Emojis are Coming and We. Can’t. Wait.

Wednesday, February 21, 2018

There’s nothing quite like the news of a new emoji release to get techies excited – and we’re including ourselves in that, natch.

In around June 2018, a whole host of new little pixels are due to join the emoji family we all know and love – embarrassed monkey and cry-laughing face, we’re talking ’bout you – and these are finally looking to include the long-overdue ginger and afro hair.

On top of these, there’s also going to be a bald head emoji for both genders (hoping we don’t need to use that one for a while), superheroes, supervillans (for when you message your mates about that snarky comment from your boss) a hot face, a drunk face (no comment), flat shoes (sometimes a girl needs to ditch the heels, right?), a hiking boot (so on trend RN), a teddy and a bagel, among L-O-A-D-S of others – there’s 157 in total as you can see here.

Emojis have always been a bit behind when it comes to diversity, and while the last couple of updates have totally been a step in the right direction, this Emoji 11.0 release finally looks set to make our emojis more inclusive for everyone. Which ones are you most excited about using?