9 Podcasts You Need In Your Life RN

Saturday, January 20, 2018

Ever feel like you’re just sleepwalking through your day? Us too. In fact by the time we finish commuting, we’re beyond ready for a triple shot espresso and a kick up the backside. If you’ve fully exercised your Monday Motivation Spotify playlist but can’t bear to be without your headphones, try our new favourite way to make the time go faster while en route to your destination – the resurgence of podcasts. Prepare to plug in, baby ▢️

🎧 Desert Island Discs


‘Eight tracks, a book and a luxury: what would you take to a desert island? Kirsty Young invites her guests to share the soundtrack of their lives.’ A fascinating insight into the musical lives of others, this podcast will leave you with a refreshed playlist and maybe a few new favourite ‘discs’ of your own. DID has archives all the way back to 1965, so find out the faves of Louis Armstrong, Morrissey, Lily Allen and Keith Richards – enjoy. 🏝

🎧 The Receipts

Instagram: @thereceiptspodcast

Fronted by four girls who are willing to talk about anything and everything’, we absolutely L-O-V-E The Receipts podcast, not just for the candid chats about love and life, but also the belly-aching laughs. From off-the-cuff topics like ‘My colleague’s breath stinks, help me!’ and ‘How would you feel if someone proposed at your wedding’, to financial advice and more serious subjects, these fierce ladies never fail to add some pep to our step. Be warned; uncontrollable giggles on the Tube WILL happen.


🎧 No Such Thing As A Fish


Hosted by the writers of the one and only QI (πŸ€“), Dan Schreiber, James Harkin, Andrew Hunter Murray and Anna Ptaszynski discuss alllll of the crazy things they’ve discovered as of recent. If that hasn’t sold it to you already, we don’t know what will..! You’ll be walking into Uni/office/the gym would an armful of fun facts to dazzle everyone with. You’re welcome.


🎧 My Favourite Murder

Instagran: myfavouritemurder

Anyone else into true crime atm? After having Making A Murderer withdrawals (and now Mindhunter, The Confession Tapes…the list goes on), we’re oh-fficially addicted. Cue the aptly-titled My Favourite Murder podcast from sweet baby angels Karen Kilgariff and Georgia Hardstark. A discussion of crime stories with a comedic twist – yes it’s possible – you’ll end up banking these for your next coach journey. Oh, and their tag line, ‘stay sexy, don’t get murdered’? We’re getting that cross-stitched onto a pillow.

🎧 Fashion No Filter


Wish you could sit down and have a chat with your everyday Insta crush? Well now you can, in a way – the dreamy Camille CharriΓ¨re hosts a podcast alongside Monica Ainley, and they talk about everything fashun, from ‘concepts and images, to its words and clichΓ©s’. Give it a go and we promise, you’ll be hitting subscribe before you can even say ‘voila’. Now if we could just get that personal styling session in Paris….

🎧 TED Talks Daily


Perfect if you’re on the way to an occasion requiring bite-sized inspiration beforehand (interviews, the gym, even if you’re just having a down day, tbh), TED Talks Daily is pretty much an audio format of the videos – hooray for on-the-go goodness! One of our favourite episodes so far has to be ‘What makes a good life? Lessons from the longest study on happiness | Robert Waldinger‘, it’ll have you feeling ready to take on the day with good intentions in hand. Aaaah.


🎧 Stuff You Should Know


Chosen by a self-confessed podcast addict at Miss S HQ who shall remain unnamed (😏), US writers Josh Clark and Chuck Bryant explore a topic in depth in a 45min – 1 hour episode. Topics from How Giraffes Work to How Police Body Cameras Work to How Hip Hop Works (BEST. EP. EVER), and it’s worth listening to the topics you can’t imagine will be interesting (how malls work for example!) as they might surprise you. Go on – pop on a ep, and feel your mind go πŸ’₯.

🎧 Ctrl Alt Delete


The internet runs our lives, this we know. Blogger and author Emma Gannon discusses our relationship with the worldwide web, with guests from Zoella to Will Young. Listen out for cameos from our other fave podcasts (Deborah Frances-White from The Guilty Feminist, Dolly Alderton from The High Low), and key topics ranging from mental health to activism. A smart and funny way to chat about the way we live online, we’re all ears…


🎧 The Guilty Feminist

Guilty Feminist

The Guilty Feminist is a discussion between comedian Deborah Francis-Wright and her guests about things all ’21st century feminists agree on’ while confessing their insecurities, hypocrisies and fears. Reasons to subscribe? Well, titles likeΒ  ‘Doing your best but being a mess’ to ‘Feminism and faith’, audio appearances from Gemma Arterton and Jo Brand, every episode starts with an ‘I’m a feminist but…’ statements…we couldn’t possibly pick just one. This is a great one to slip into the group chat too…