5 tips for speaking up at work by our PR manager

Sunday, April 8, 2018

You know those moments. Maybe you’re in a meeting at work or maybe you’re in a casual over the desk convo, and you have the urge to say something key. The words rise up from your throat but never quite make it out into the world. Then you sit and beat yourself up for the next 30 mins for not speaking up at work.

Girl, we’ve all been there. The truth is, speaking up at work is a bit of a special skill, that you can build on with time and practise. To help you break the silence, we called on our super confident, boss girl of a PR manager, Ellen Guainiere, for some crucial tips on how to stop biting your tongue and start talking.

1.Know your audience

The way I email my fave influencer and journo pals is completely different to how I send a PR update to a Director. Take a moment to think about who you are emailing and make sure it mirrors their style so you are sure to be taken seriously! While I’m so here for emojis in emails (sometimes you just NEED them to explain your point) there are some cases where this just won’t fly.

2.Be passionate

I’m lucky that I L.O.V.E my job, but showing you are passionate about your job is a fast-track way to get your ideas noticed. If you are super excited about a project at work you can guarantee everyone around you will follow suit a lot quicker and be much more likely to be on board than if you are just surviving the 9-5.


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3. Introduce yourself straight away in big meetings

If you feel nervous about a big meeting the best way to calm your nerves is to introduce yourself to anyone you’ve not met before as soon as you arrive to make an impact straight away and make sure people remember you. A quick chat pre meeting (judge the mood, but anything from the weather; SO British, to last night’s TV) is a great way to make sure you won’t feel the pressure when it’s your turn to speak up.

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4. Know your stuff!

The quickest way to get people to take notice of your ideas is to make them feel completely confident you know your stuff. If you’re suggesting a great new project or idea at work that has never been done make sure you’ve thought about every detail, even what could go wrong so they know you can handle the challenge. Think of any tricky questions that might be thrown your way and have solutions up your sleeve to make sure you handle them like a pro.

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5. Show off your hard work

Shouting about your successes doesn’t make you a show off! You’ve worked super hard so it’s time to feedback on the amazing work you’ve done; if you can show the successes of your work people are more likely to get behind your ideas in future if they know you smashed it last time. Just make sure that everyone in your team gets the credit they deserve if it was a team effort!


Good luck girl, we know you got this 💪